Philippine Heroes Mockup

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Notes below…


  • Original image is a bit wider than what is displayed above (sized to fit current layout).
  • The image used is just a sample I picked up online. You can see the watermark lines. Just ignore those. You can ignore the rest of the site as well, just me screwing around testing different things. I probably won’t be using news items anyway as site content when it’s ready to go public.

  • Sizes of the various elements of the hero layout still tentative. I may shrink the hero name, for instance, to give more room for the image on its right. But this layout gives you a decent idea of what the end product will look like.


  • What I’ll want done is that full color image to the right of the hero name. We’ll want that image to be:
    • full frontal; maybe a scene, where the character is performing some action related to their profession, achievement, or whatever it is they’re being honored for. Up to you whether to include other minor scenic characters, props, etc.
    • As you can see, I plan to take and magnify the character’s head from the image you create, and use it as a slightly masked background for the body of the product.
      • Head angle doesn’t really matter too much. Current example is on the right. It’s easy enough to move the head to the left, etc., depending on what works best from the image you’ve created.
  • You’ll probably want to do your original as a vector, so can easily resize/adapt as needed for whatever we need to produce.
  • The deliverable to me: I think it’d probably be best in a high-res layered PSD file, so I can isolate elements to use as needed.
    • Maybe generate to an older PSD version if possible; I sometimes have problems using the later PSD versions. I don’t use Photoshop — I’ve long hated Adobe with its mercenary pricing strategies, bloated software, and its acquisition and killing off of Aldus Pagemaker, the software I used to use to produce 4C magazines back in the day. This is all old school for you, probably, hahaha.

      But, PSD is a workable standard. Point is, I typically import PSD files into the software I prefer using, which is a very old version of JASC Paint Shop Pro — basically, it’s like an old favorite fountain pen in my hands, so all these years I’ve resisted upgrading. hahaha Well, it handles old school PSD’s with no problem, but the newer versions are dead in the water, unless I convert them somehow.
    • These are just minor technicalities, though, as far as I’m concerned. Tell me what your technical requirements are, and we’ll discuss it, see what we can work out. It’s likely a lot easier for me to adjust what I use for this project anyway instead of forcing you to. Besides, there are always workarounds.
  • DIALOG BALLOONS: Nothing for you to worry about. I’ll still be looking for a better comicbook-style font than what I’ve used here.
    • If you have any ideas/suggestions on how to better treat this part of the project, let me know. But again, not anything for you to be concerned with if you don’t want to. 🙂

I think I’ve covered the basics. We can continue project discussion/questions over in Messenger.

  • Almost forgot: The first character I want you to do is Fe del Mundo. Basically, should be simpler for us since Google already did all the info legwork with their Doodle.

    If this works out well, I’ll then give you a batch of five (5) heroes to work on. It’ll probably work best for to release these as batches.
  • QUESTION: How much time do you think you’ll need to produce something? Thanks.

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